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Bhoomi Pooja for Shrivaikuntham was performed on June 8th 2017, during the 25th day of Vaikasi month of this Hemalamba year on the auspicious occasion of Shukla paksham, Chaturdasi tithi, Anusha nakshatram, Siddhayogam, Simha lagnam, Abhijit muhurtam between 11:00 am and 12 noon. This special event was presided by Sethalapathy (Tilatarpanapuri) V. Subramanya Ganapadigal and was headed and conducted by Sri Guruji.

Dr R Asha, Managing Trustee of Shrivaikuntham Religious Trust and Director of Hamsaanandham, gave a lec dem on ‘Sangeetha and Sahitya’.

TTD Asthana vidvan Sri Aluru Rajamohan rendered beautiful Annamacharya keertanas that were enjoyed by one and all.

As a prelude to this event, discourses were delivered by Sri Guruji on various topics – Guru Bhakti, Sri Adi Sankarar, etc.

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