Sri Adi Sankara

'Sankaram lokasankaram'

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Project Description

Sri Adi Sankara, the Jagadguru, will be one of the deities in Shrivaikuntham. The vigraha of Sri Adi Sankara and theĀ padukas of Mahaswami – Paramacharya of Kanchi deepen the aura and energize the ambience of the Namaalayam dhyana mandapam.

An avatar of Lord Shiva, he incarnated for the benefit of humanity at large. He established the philosophy of Advaita and revived the six modes of devotional worship of the deities Ganapati, Skanda, Surya, Vishnu, Shiva and Shakti. He emphasized the path of knowledge and enquiry as the supreme means to liberation with rituals and devotion as ancillaries. Liberation is the stage where one realises the unity of all existence. He sees the same Self in all and sheds his ego and prejudices. It is a stage attainable by all.

Sri Adi Sankara