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Project Description

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– Cultural wing of Shrivaikuntham

‘Hamsaanandham’ – a phrase which occurs in the nottuswara ‘Varashivabalam’ of Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar. One meaning of ‘hamsa’ is ‘a realised soul’ – one who has attained enlightenment. The indescribable bliss such a soul experiences is hamsaanandham. Nadopasana is one of the ways to experience this bliss. Hamsa also means swan. At Hamsaanandham, Dr R Asha, it’s director, imparts her music knowledge to the aspiring students with focus on the sahitya and the intent of the composer.

Hamsa is known for neera-ksheera viveka, i.e, its uncanny ability to separate milk from water. It is a symbol of discrimination – to separate the good from the bad, the essential from the non-essential ; to understand and grasp the essence of everything. This is very important not only in artistic or spiritual life but also day to day life. This ability will help us stay focused, remove stress and concentrate on what needs to be done. Since turmoil, conflict, overwork and demanding situations are an unavoidable part of everyday life, developing the art of staying calm, serene and wise like the swan is the need of the hour.

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Hamsaanandham at various events

‘Shankara Sahitya Kalacharasangamam’ inaugural function at Sri Sankara Vidyalaya, East Tambaram

A glorious moment for the little swans of ‘Hamsaanandham’. Winning the first prize in the DD Podhigai ‘ISAI THOPPU’ bhajan program on March 10th 2018, amidst heavy competition. The little swans sailed away joyfully with the prize flying high and bright.

  • Isai thoppu hamasaanandham group
  • Hamsaanandham singing
  • Hamsaanadham students with the first prize
  • With their teacher Dr R Asha