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Devotees in Namaalayam

Namaalayam was instituted by Sri Guruji with the intent to help people live a peaceful life and guide them towards self-realization.

Namaalayam – Activities

Devata aradhana – worship of the divine

Why worship, one many ask? Answers are manifold – worship has the power to fulfil our wishes, grant our prayers and remove our difficulties. Over and above that, God ever stands ready to guide us throughout the journey of our life. Daiva-balam will help you overcome any kind of difficulty in life easily without getting disheartened.

Nama Japa and Parayana

Nama Japa – Nama Japa, the constant repetition of the Name of the Lord, is the best antidote to all ills of samsara. It is the most adoptable among all spiritual practices. It generates powerful vibrations that purifies and strengthens the reciter. It has been aptly hailed by our saints as the raft to cross the ocean of life. Among all spiritual practices, it is considered the most simple and easiest. Even ordinary people stand to benefit immensely from nama japa. It is not essential that one has to be spiritual.

Parayana – From ancient times, parayana (devout reading) of scriptures like Ramayana, Bhagavata, Narayaneeya, etc. have been recommended for specific and general well-being, and achievement of all goals. One of the aims of Namaalayam is to open out such benefits to all.


It is values which characterise a man and carry him along in his onward journey, worldly or spiritual. Technically called atma-gunas they are the essential part of one’s life and have to be consciously cultivated if one yearns for a peaceful, wholesome and successful life.


Namaalayam harnesses the power of music as an upasana, a way to reach God and fosters the learning of music with bhava & bhakti, the main intent of the great composers of India.


Meditation is nowadays a popular practice adopted by many people. Learn simple techniques of meditation at Namaalayam in the specially designed Mahaswami Dhyana mandapam. The padukas of Paramacharya of Kanchi deepen the aura and energize the ambience of the dhyana mandapam.

Continous veda parayanam and akhanda nama japam

Discourses on the Upanishads, puranas, scriptures, Tevaram, Tiruvachakam, Divya prabandham, Tiruppugazh, etc.

Daily satsang, annadanam, nama sankeertanam. Auspicious activities like Sita kalyanam, Radha kalyanam, etc.

Classes for carnatic vocal, bhajans, slokas, yoga etc., for children.

Motivational, personality development and counselling sessions by Sri Guruji for all, especially today’s youth (to help them deal with problems in life and lead a meaningful life).

Personal consultations and resolutions for all kinds of problems faced by people.

Pearls of Wisdom from Sri Guruji

Don’t be moved by difficulties. Difficulties strengthen your will and augment your power of endurance and turn your mind towards God.

Develop joyful and amiable nature. Modest and unassuming temperament. Conserve all your spiritual energy. You will have much peace.

Expel delusion and cultivate devotion. Beware of bad company. Lead a life of austerity and meditation. You will progress in the spiritual path.

Find the real rhythm of your life. To which frequency are you tuned. How to change your frequency and tune in to the real frequency.

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