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Sri Guruji

You have been born to live happily. Dont seek it outside. Seek within where it exists forever. Find out and experience the eternal happiness

Sri Guruji

Reverentially called as Sri Guruji, Brahmasri Ravi Sarma is a realised soul-jivanmuktha, though Sri Guruji claims himself humbly as a seeker always. A treasure house of vast knowledge on various subjects from traditional to modern, Sri Guruji is a God given gift to the world. At a young age Sri Guruji was blessed by Sri Thirunamacharyan Anjan Madhavan Namboodiri and nourished with the milk of spirituality by his devoted parents. A personification of humility and dharma, Sri Guruji is an amalgamation of bhakti, jnana, viveka and vairagya.

Remember Saints, Sages and Guru. Draw inspirations from them. Tread the path of love. Drink the honey of devotion. Commune with God. Reach the eternal abode.

Sri Guruji – a vishwadarshaka strives hard every moment for the betterment and upliftment of every individual approaching Sri Guruji. Sri Guruji propagates and exemplifies the Namaalayam way of life for everyone to live a life filled with peace, harmony and growth both at personal and professional levels. The hallmark of Sri Guruji is the way Sri Guruji emphasizes in a simple way the pravritti and nivritti way of life expounded in the Upanishads and guides everyone to adopt nivritti marga gradually, while being in the pravritti marga.

Don’t yield to fatalism. Change your habits. Lead a virtuous life. Eradicate greed and anxiety. Give up vanity. Divine light will dawn in you.

Mere darshana of Sri Guruji has transformed many a person. The inexplicable tapas of Sri Guruji can only be experienced. Sri Guruji’s nectar like speech has a soothing effect on one who approaches Sri Guruji with wounds and pains at heart. Sacrifice or tyaga is the primordial motto of Sri Guruji’s life and the benefits of that are reaped by many. Sri Guruji advocates a simple life with high thinking permeated with true love for others without any expectations.

When you feel heavy at heart, relax and recharge yourself in the bliss of Guru and God

Endowed with unimaginable perfection and integrity in every thought, word and action, Sri Guruji is a true Master-Preceptor to be sought after by everyone for anything in life from material to spiritual pursuits. As Pruthu Maharaja requests in Srimad Bhagavata, one needs 10000 ears to listen to His discourses soaked in bhakti and jnana along with practical and adoptable wisdom for a serene, happy and wholesome life with the ultimate aim of self realisation.

Come, let us all build a space to seek our true self!

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