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Shrivaikuntham – Namaalayam

– A Centre of Culture and Values


A centre for the propagation of Indian culture and values. It is an abode of divinity enshrining various deities. Its special attraction is a rare form of Sri Mangala Pattabhirama not seen any where else. The nine years of Ekantha Seva of the Supreme in the form of Sri Rama from 2008 at “Sathguru Sadanam”, Chitlapakkam, Chennai, Tamilnadu is transforming into Sarvajana Seva at Shrivaikuntham-Namaalayam a unique abode for the Supreme at Selaiyur-Chitlapakkam. This pavitrabhoomi-Shrivaikuntham is getting ready for the Supreme to bless one and all in abundance and fulfil everyone’s dharmic wishes.


Namaalayam, an annexure of Shrivaikuntham is a temple of values, a congregational space for cultural, religious and spiritual activities. A shelter for those who have lost the gift of family support (both men and women of all ages) and are seeking the path of socio-spiritual services, support, encouragement, upliftment, enlightenment and peace in life. Nama japa with Bhagavata saptaham, Ramayana navaham, Narayaneeya parayanam, Nadopasana and many other sadhanas and services at Namaalayam will be the driving force for all the pursuits in one’s life. Culmination in Nama Layam by transforming one’s life the namaalayam way, is the ultimate vision of Abhinava sukabrahmam Brahmasri RAVI SARMA, the Master-Preceptor behind Shrivaikuntham-Namaalayam.

The Preceptor

Reverentially called as Sri Guruji, Brahmasri Ravi Sarma is a realised soul-jivanmuktha, though Guruji claims himself humbly as a seeker always. Sri Guruji is the God given banyan tree, who reaches out and provides solace to men and women of all ages. Like the heavenly kalpaka vriksha, He fulfills their wishes and provides enlightenment. A treasure house of vast knowledge on various subjects from traditional to modern, Guruji is a God given gift to the world. A personification of humility and dharma, Guruji is an amalgamation of bhakti, jnana, viveka and vairagya. [… Read More]

Shrivaikuntham Nirmaana

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Don’t be moved by difficulties. Difficulties strengthen your will and augment your power of endurance and turn your mind towards God.

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